Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vegas Vacation Day 2

Slept in on Saturday and decided to get burgers in the hotel next door. Last time I had a burger: a year ago on my birthday. Guess it's a tradition! It was possibly more delicious than it looks. (I did, for the record, ask about the veggie burger. The answer was "haven't had any complaints.")

We explored the side of the strip we hadn't done the night before. After walking through the Venetian, Bamm-Bamm wanted to go back to do something I would never consider doing: audition for.... Wheel of Fortune? When in Vegas I suppose. It was amusing, and there's a chance Bamm-Bamm could make it to the final auditions. If she makes it, I'm definitely going back.

We made it to our show (The Ultimate Variety Show) just in time, and as promised had seats pretty much on the stage. Definitely a bang for your buck- I think there were like 7 different acts. While I would like to see Cirque du Soleil or Blue Man Group at some point in my life, this show was definitely a good choice. It's something so quintessentially Vegas and a little bit of everything- comedians, acrobats, aerial artists, jugglers etc. We even got a free autographed photo. I would highly recommend this show if it's your first time and you're on a budget!

Afterwards we weren't looking for anything in particular, just enjoying our last night. We had to see the Mirage volcano and even waited an hour to get a good spot. Not as good as the Bellagio (I think I watched that about 5 times) but definitely awesome and exciting.

Ceaser's Palace was next, and my favorite casino that we went to. Beautiful and classy, this was a place for high rollers. (Or a casual observer who has never gambled before in her life?) $1000+ tables, guys from Texas with cowboy hats and cigars... I was hoping some of the glamour, excitement and maybe luck would rub off.

Unfortunately it didn't, as I limped around in my fabulous but impossible to walk in boots in search of some cheap blackjack. I guess Saturday night isn't the best time to find those elusive $5 tables.

Well you win some you lose some, especially in Vegas!

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  1. Did somebody say KAREOKEE??
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