Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter Pie

Just like I "don't" eat sweets, I also don't bake. There has to be a compelling reason for me to find a measuring cup, buy flour and sugar, and figure out how to turn on my oven. Just ask any of colleagues about the infamous "peanut butter cookie surprise" incident, and they'll tell you never to eat anything that I bake.

Well when invited to Easter dinner where dinner would be more than taken care of, I was left with few other options other than dessert. I did some quick searches for Easter themed desserts and decided something called "Easter Pie" had to be at least somewhat appropriate for the occasion. Otherwise it's just false advertising. The inclusion of cooked rice and ricotta cheese may have helped ease my fear of dessert.

I adapted the recipe from Food Network. (Is it ok that I use them as an online resource?) I omitted the orange zest and pine nuts, instead opting for a heaping spoonful of raspberry jam and handful of slivered almonds. You can see why I dislike baking because this is how I cook. I find it impossible to stick to a recipe or use measurements.

I also wanted to experiment with phyllo dough, and experiment it was. It will probably take me a couple of tries to figure out how to keep it moist and stay somewhat in sheet form but it all tastes the same in the end right? I was also experimenting because I don't own a pie pan and my oven doesn't work. This was made in my trusty toaster oven in a disposable pie pan. I generally don't condone the use of disposables, but the point is that you don't need fancy equipment. In most cases you can improvise well enough.

After I served it (proudly even though only a few people ate it) I learned that it is apparently a sweet version of traditional Italian Easter Pie made with ham, eggs and cheese. Well next time I'm making that, but do you think I can still pass it off as dessert?

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  1. If you weren't a vegetarian you could learn to make my Memere's (yes, mine, not yours) traditional Christmas eve meat pie to be eaten after Midnight Mass....really yummy, even for me who doesn't eat much meat....and really not the healthiest of things, but last time I did it with lean meats, does that count?