Monday, April 27, 2009

Ode to a Food Truck

I remember being skeptical
Of eating off the street
But after trying many foods
It really can’t be beat

Whenever I need comfort
I know what’s sure to please
It’s something very simple
A Bui’s egg and cheese

The line at Magic Carpet
Sometimes makes me hesitate
But the tasty bella donna
Is always worth the wait

And Hemo’s is a favorite
I’ve heard it is delish
But how 'bout something veggie
Or maybe even fish?

Viva Las Vegans
I love your crispy fries
But how come you are never there
Despite my many tries?

For some nachos or a taco
I go to Lucky’s Mexican Spot
They have salads and burritos
For those who like it hot

To both of the Le Anh’s
I’ll never know which one is real
But no matter which I go to
I’m sure to find a deal

Koja grille on 38th
Makes great Korean food
Perfect for something different
When I’m in the mood

Lyn’s outside of lower quad
I can not get enough
Of your delicious eggplant parm
That’s filled with lots of stuff

For price and convenience
Even Wawa can’t compare
So to all my favorite food trucks
Thanks for always being there


  1. Wilma,

    You are a genius with words. How often can we expect entries from you? Are you a daily blog or a go with the flow?

  2. People have such problems with food trucks. When I try to explain to Pittsburghers, they get all snuffy face..."You just eat food off the street?" "do they even have sinks in those trucks" and generally "UGH"

    I don't know what I would have done without food trucks in college, the best and cheapest food around.

  3. Camille,

    Thanks for the praise. As you can see, I have a lot to write about. My guess is I'll be posting at least once a day for a while. I hope you enjoy!