Monday, June 1, 2009

Turnip Tops: Tasty or Terrible?

I would consider myself an adventurous eater and cook. All my favorite blogs have been preaching the virtues of greens, and by greens I mean the tops of things like beets, radishes, and of course turnips. I'm completely on board with the idea of finding uses for underutilized scraps. (Scrapple anyone?) Well, that was until my CSA decided to give me some "turnip tops." So basically, here's some turnips that aren't big enough to eat but we're giving them to you anyways. Not that I know anything about turnip farming, but I'm wondering if Farmer Joe could have let them grow a little longer and given me some actual turnips.*

I stared at those suckers for a while and figured anything tastes good with enough butter, lemon juice and garlic. I was wrong. It wasn't inedible, but I might as well have gone out to the park and picked some weeds. Luckily they cooked down enough that I could enjoy the gnocchi and mushrooms with enough parmesan cheese to cover up the taste of tree.

*In case you don't understand my sense of humor, I am being completely sarcastic and have nothing but the utmost respect for farmers. I will gladly eat whatever they choose to give me every week and appreciate the hard work that goes into all the delicious food they provide.


  1. I do think parmesan cheese can make most foods tasty- have you ever noticed just how much of this stuff nevaman keeps on hand????

  2. I don't think we get turnips for a couple more weeks (if not in the fall since they like cooler weather and age over winter). I'm growing mine right now, but they don't seem ready yet. I'm going to wait a bit before seeing what I can yank up.

    No turnip greens for me though! If you get them again, try them in a salad next to baby spinach and slathered with dressing (like you would for dandelion).