Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hi Mom and Dad!

I know you're pretty much the only ones who read my blog, besides the contributors of course, and I've mentioned you several times recently. I've been thinking a lot about my food philosophy and where it comes from. It's fascinating (or fascinates me) to think about how our ideas about food are shaped by our experiences.

I think I had an epiphany yesterday when I realized there are many gaps in my basic cooking skills. I usually get by in the kitchen because I'm not picky and I have a fairly good idea that when you mix some of this with some of that it will taste good. If I had a modern, clean and well stocked kitchen maybe I would be able to practice all those techniques I see on the Food Network. Oops I mean public television. But I don't. I have a sink, a stove, and an oven that doesn't work. Add to that my trusty toaster oven which I use for everything and my newly acquired mini (Wilma sized) food processor while keeping in mind that my kitchen doubles as my bedroom and living room.

I purchased some frozen premade broccoli and cheese out of desperation at the grocery store. I immediately regretted that decision. Fred informed me that he had some fresh cauliflower and I had some leftover cheddar from the farmer's market. Now yes, I could melt some cheese on the cauliflower and call it a casserole, but having this blog inspires and challenges me. Every meal is a potential post or at least an interesting anecdote, and this meal was of course no exception.

To get back to the point, I thought of my mom. Every Thanksgiving my mom makes broccoli and cheese sauce that starts with a classic bechamel sauce. I guess something that my mom taught me stuck!

I didn't measure and I don't have a whisk so it was made Wilma style. I think lumps add character.

This I learned from my dad- cheese makes everything taste good.


  1. I don't contribute but I do read this! Your dad is very wise: Cheese does make everything taste good. Grocery store broc and cheese is umm ok if you don't mind over processed.

  2. Well, you certainly ate enough cheese to be from Wisconsin! Still looking for cat recipes...

  3. Hazel said....You may have gotten your food philosophy from your Dad, but the way you phrase your thoughts sounds just like your Mom to me. Somehow,"I usually get by in the kitchen" just sounds so Denise to me. There were several examples of phrases you used when I could hear your mother talking, but I am way too lazy to go back and actually document them.

    I too am facinated with all the things I see advertised on TV. There is a store in Lakeforest Mall called, "As Seen On TV". You can actually see and hold the product. WOW! So far I have never bought anything from the store. Sometimes the products loose a step in translation from TV to real.

    Now I see advertised on TV a Bullet Food Processor except that they don't call it a food processor. It slices and dices right into the bowl and saves all sorts of time. I love the Magic Bullet and I think it is magic. This is bigger, better and more magic! I haven't been to the mall to see this thing, but if I see it or purchase it in all it's glory, I'll let you know.