Saturday, June 27, 2009

Putting the Can in Cantina

I love venturing into different neighborhoods in Philly because they all have cool neighborhood favorites where all the locals go. If you're ever in South Philly looking for some great mexican or even just a happy hour destination check out Los Caballitos Cantina. The food is a step above standard mexican fare and as a bonus its very veg friendly and has outdoor seating.

Happy hour deals include cheap beer and the very popular pitchers of margaritas. The only complaint I have is that the happy hour special only applies to the regular flavor margarita and they have lots of flavors I'd like to try. We got a pitcher for the table, but for some reason I like drinking Tecate out of a can while eating mexican food.

I was still recovering so the giant plate of nachos was taunting me with its crunchy goodness.

The rice and bean burrito was soft enough to somehow get in my mouth. I've also had the veg fajitas with tofu which were fantastic.

I don't have a lot of mole experience, but Fred's turkey mole was delicious from the few bites I stole.

The chorizo tacos looked moutwatering and extremely tempting. Maybe I can recreate them with Trader Joes soy chorizo?

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  1. Tecate is a terrible beer, Wilma, very light and almost tasteless! Yuck. My opinion....I know yours can and IS different! Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!