Thursday, August 6, 2009

If Drug Dealers Became Botanists

I must say I've learned a lot about the different varieties of vegetables this summer. From "Burgundy Beans" to "Detroit Red Beets" my CSA shares have inspired me to do some research into common and not-so-common produce and their uses. My conclusion: either farmers have a weird sense of humor or they are buying their seeds in an alley behind the 7-11.

Check out Plant World Seeds for proof and tell me these are not some shady vegetables. Here are my favorites:

Black From Tula
Cosmonaut Volkov
Gold Dust
Mexico Midget
Super Snow White
Tommy Toe
White Wonder
German Giant
Minnesota Midget
Golden Tepee
Painted Lady
Super Aqualdulce
King of Mammoth
Early Summer Crookneck
Yugoslavian Finger Fruit

I'm thinking these could be good band names too.


  1. These are awesome. I feel like they could also make good names for gangsters, band names or energy drinks.

  2. The German giant is coming to town, wants to set up a meeting with Tommy toe. Better bring the Snowman...

  3. These are GREAT names for horses also. If I ever own a race horse I'm naming him Golden Tepee.

  4. Glad you like the veg names. You'll be happy to know that this year will see new arrivals such as The Ambassador, Alaskan Fancy, Jersey Devil, Texas Wild, Old Brooks, Bush Baby and Yellow Pygmy.

    Actually they could be characters from one of Dylan's mid-70's narrative songs ('Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts' or 'Black Diamond Bay') or enjoying the party in 'Willie Dixon's Wang Dang Doodle'.

    There again, Kudu Crawling Red and Abyssinian Ned from that song could quite easily be rare tomatoes!