Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can I Still Pronounce it Lobstah?

I'm not sure if it was a good idea to eat lobster here in Philly after my recent lobster pig out in New England. That didn't stop me when my favorite restaruant, Bridget Foys, announced they were having lobster week. With time running out on lobster week I convinced the gang to make the trek down to 2nd and south to see if it's possible to get good decently priced lobster in Philly.

My lobster salad was nice and summery with couscous and vegetables underneath a nicely dressed bed of greens. The lobster wasn't as buttery and juicy as I had in Boston, but I figured as much.

Fred's lobster sliders may as well have been crabcakes. They were tasty but not over the top decadent as he had expected.

Betty's lobster mac and cheese got my vote for best meal of the night. It was perfectly rich and creamy with chunks of lobster.

Barney opted not to go with lobster and instead got chicken. I don't remember what was in it, but it was apparently delicious.

Likewise for our other friend's grilled chicken salad. It wasn't as good as my lobster salad but it was filled with nuts, fruit and goat cheese.

So it was about what I expected. Even with the promotional prices it was still a splurge, so for now I'll stick with the things that Philly does best.

All this being said, I do love Bridget Foy's for brunch. They are one of the few spots that has plenty of outdoor seating yet never seems to be too crowded on the weekends.

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