Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tom's Tasty Tacos

I'm sure that all of you Philly foodies and local eaters have eaten at Honest Tom's Taco Stand a million times, but I don't make the trek up to West Philly too often, and when I do the 20 minute wait for a taco is enough to deter me. There are few foods that are worthy of waiting in line for in my opinion, especially street food. Street food by nature should be convenient and quick.

Well it's always been on my to do list, and lately I've had the motivation to start crossing things off that list. Lured by the big annual flea market, the Saturday farmer's market, and of course Tom's famous tacos, Betty, Fred and I found ourselves up at Clark's Park this past Saturday.
They have one item on the menu. The nice thing about that is that you know it must be good. Their breakfast taco features eggs, potatoes, cheese, salsa and guac for a measly $2.50. Which is why it's worth the wait, and most people order 3 at a time.

Betty was the only one brave enough to endure the throngs of other fellow taco lovers all eager to hear their name called. She was generous enough to give us a bite and I was reminded of the soup nazi episode where Jerry says "you can't eat this soup standing up, your knees buckle."

What I wouldn't give for a few of these bad boys right now. Wonder if they deliver.

Honest Tom's Taco Truck
Saturday mornings at Clark's Park (42nd and Chester)
See for information on other locations and times


  1. Of course, in looking up the schedule, I'll be in Philly next month on a Monday WHEN THE TRUCK IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!! Delivery isn't an issue; I wanna know if they'll Fed Ex 'em to Michigan ....

  2. Ohhhh Yeah. Now these look simply devine. I can almost smell them from here. Love the taco truck concept. They're very popular right now you know. Of course you do... Have a great week! Keri